and ill do the rest. 

get married to your
best friend

all you have to do is show up 

-The process is easy peasy

Look i get it, weddings are extremely stressful. From being a bride myself, I understand how to help you from the moment you book. From suggesting my favorite vendors, to getting your engagements pictures set up when you want, to capturing your love story, and then sending you your wedding pictures to you. I want to be someone you can rely on during the chaos of it all. I love helping you stay organized from creating a timeline with you (if you don't have a planner) to making sure we are on time the day of your wedding. My job is to make sure I give you moments you can feel not just see so i will do whatever i can to make that happen for you.

The Experience

Let's be vulnerable together shall we?

I wanted to be open and honest and put my pricing out there to let you know I've worked on these with intention of helping you! I did my best to break it down where it makes the most sense for what you want on your wedding day! These are moments that you will want to show your kids, grand babies, and great grand babies and I truly believe these packages can do this for you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and get chattin’!
*All packages below are for 2020*

Package One

6 hour wedding day coverage.
This package is for the wedding with around 100-125 guest having a short and sweet wedding.

Investment cost — $2,000

Package Two

8 hour day wedding coverage. 
This package is best fit for those looking to have a more traditional day with around 200 guest. This package provides a complimentary engagement session and second shooter to help capture all in between's. 

Investment cost — $2,500

Package Three

10 hour wedding day coverage.
This package is best fit for those who are having more of a traditional wedding but want to take their time and are having around 200-300 guest. This package includes a second shooter, complimentary engagement session, and an customized album. 

Investment cost — $3,500

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