The Purpose

Have you ever started your own business and then realized you needed help keeping track of your finances? Yeah, ME TOO! This Revenue Tracker will help you just like it helped me when it comes to keeping your finances organized. Whether you need help putting money aside for taxes, keeping savings for your business, knowing how much to pay yourself as income, and where to put your personal income, this Revenue Tracker does it all! Let's keep the IRS off your back and money flowing into your accounts! 

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"The revenue tracker is SO helpful! It really simplifies things, keeps everything in one place, and gives me the confidence to stay on top of my finances! It’s the organization and peace of mind I’ve been desperately needing!"

Liza jackson

"Emily’s revenue tracker seriously helped me get SO much more organized & on top of my finances! I was a jumbled mess before and now I know exactly how much to put into each of my accounts without even thinking! I can now breathe easy knowing every penny I make is going exactly where it needs to go"

JUlia dobos

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