Meet Emily-
Owner & Lead Photographer

Capturing moments that you can never repeat is so important. I personally fell in love with the idea even more after my own wedding. My engagement wasn’t glamorous like most. And to add to that, my husbands grandma, who was the rock of their family, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 2 months before our wedding. We had an un-official ceremony with her in her hospice room before she passed away. After having so many sad tears we finally were ready for some happy ones on our wedding day… and we did. Looking back at this picture from the hospice room and our wedding pictures it reminds me of our story, our journey, and our future. It's not the Pinterest glamour that you expect but its real and i'll remember it forever. On my actual wedding day things were pretty stressful leading up to the ceremony, but my photographer was that presence of peace. She felt like a sister on my wedding day, and thats what really made me want to be a wedding photographer. I want to be a sense of peace on others wedding days but also someone who is not afraid to crack the dad joke or break it down with you on the  dance floor. I want you to be able to have memories that get you through the hard times, make you fall more in love in the good times, and keep you telling the story for generations to come. Life will give you beautiful seasons, and it will also give you hard ones, BUT you definitely deserve wedding pictures to always remind you of the best day no matter the season. 

heres why...

The sister you never knew you needed, there for moments you'll never forget

im an artist through and through. from singing and playing music TO photography, im here to help you create moments now so you can feel them again later.

Spicing up your wedding day one photo and white girl dance at a time

I'm constantly pushing myself to new heights and levels so that I can be the best I can be. But...this has its strengths and weaknesses. I'm so passionate about being active and investing in my business, but I also will never say no to splitting a pizza with you

Your personal hype girl to get you through all things wedding. 

No. 2

See John Mayer play at the Red Rocks

No. 3

Climb Machu Picchu in Peru

No. 4

Walk a Red Carpet 

No. 5

Be a part of a festival of lights

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