Fun things to do while being quarantined at home from COVID-19

Right now lots of people are either forced to be quarantined or are self quarantining themselves. For all you introverts who are loving this right now, think of the extroverted person living in your house who is probably on the verge of a break down HA! So I’ve decided to give you guys a fun thing to do as a couple or a family through this time.

What you need is a Sharpie (or pen), a red plastic cup, and popsicle sticks. Each person will write an activity they would want to do each night (or during the day) on the popsicle stick and put it in the cup. Examples: Play cards, everyone read a book for an hour, watch a movie and have ice cream, go on a walk outside, paint, sit down and play some music or listen to music together, etc. Then each time you are feeling bored, you pick up the cup, and pick an idea out of it and you HAVE to do it. This is such a fun way to do things together and it forces you to do things you may have not done in a long time or ever!

Another fun thing to do is Marco Pollo. For those of you who have friends and family that are far away (or just need to stay away) just download this app and you can create a group where you can all talk with each other and “hangout”.

Let’s just all try to be grateful and make the best of the worst situation!

-Emily, xoxo

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