What to do if COVID-19 effects your wedding.

First off, I’d like to personally apologize to those who have been affected or will be affected by COVID-19 for your wedding. I know you have put months and hours of planning in to something that may not happen or will have to be rescheduled. But can I tell you something? It’s going to be ok. We’re in this together and you will get to marry your best friend.

First things first, don’t cancel or reschedule your wedding out of fear. If you are getting married in April or early May you will definitely need to be thinking of rescheduling but if you wedding is in June or another month later in the year, just want until after April to see where everything is. At the end of the day no one knows whats going to happen and don’t cancel until there is a for sure need to. But ultimately at the end of the day if you and your significant other decide you’d rather reschedule that is up to you.

First tip for rescheduling your wedding is to double check with the vendors you want most to see if they have any open dates for the remaining 2020 calendar. Yes this includes: Venues, Dj, Catering, Florist, Photographer, and Videographer. Most likely all 6 vendors won’t have the same date open to reschedule if you are planning on doing a bigger wedding, so understanding that you might have to choose is helpful. Who knows, you might be able to use all of them, but just incase it’s good to know what you want most for your wedding if you have to go a different direction.

Secondly, when looking to reschedule for a later date maybe think of doing a week day wedding or choosing a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday because Saturdays always fill up first. This will help you be able to still have your wedding in 2020 before having to think of 2021.

Thirdly, consider limiting your wedding down to 15-50 people to have a backyard or park wedding. This can still give you the traditional wedding you’ve wanted but eliminates the hassle of trying to reschedule 200 plus people. Most parks have a place you can rent that are inexpensive where you could have your reception or most tent rentals are inexpensive for your backyard wedding.

Fourth, consider eloping. Family pictures can always be done that day as well or on another day. AND this doesn’t mean you have to travel out west to the beautiful mountains or a beach destination, you can do it right where you live. I’m sure your photographer has some amazing places up their sleeve . I know it might not be what you’ve always imagined your wedding day but the moments will be real and intimate.

At the end of the day weddings are created to watch two people in love start a new season of their life together married. Regardless of how this happens it’s your story and it’s perfect. Your kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will never judge you for where or when you got married, because they will only see one thing: how you’ve loved each other for all those years.

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